Maintaining your golf irons is a very important task. As a golfer, you’re quite aware that irons are used about 75% of the time you spend playing golf. So for this reason, they need to be maintained and kept clean all the time. Below, we’ve pointed out some tips on how to maintain golf irons regardless of the type and size of the iron.

So, if you ready to find out how to maintain golf irons, lets get started.

How to Maintain Golf Irons

How to Maintain Golf Irons

  • Store the irons properly

It is critical to consistently store your golf clubs inside however much as could be expected. Leaving them in the storage compartment of your vehicle or in very hot conditions relaxes the paste that holds the grasp and club head set up.

  • Don’t store them when wet

Be careful about putting away your golf clubs when wet. Wet golf clubs will in general advance the development of rust on the shaft of your clubs. To keep this from occurring, consistently make sure to get them dry prior to keeping them away for supervision.

  • Use a golf towel

Convey a golf towel. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant brand name one, a dishrag from the kitchen would do fine and dandy. Connect your towel to your golf bag and utilize the towel to wipe down your holds and club heads occasionally all through the round. This training will help significantly when raining or if dust and dirt’s has assembled on the club head’s face. Make sure to never hold up play for other people while cleaning your golf iron clubs, in any case.

  • Use golf headcovers on your woods

Headcoverings help to safeguard the more fragile and effectively harmed irons, drivers, and woods. Clubs can be effortlessly harmed by even the least complex of errands, for example, removing a club from or returning one to your golf pack. Headcovers can secure the club heads during your ride to the course in a vehicle or golf truck. Irons don’t commonly require headcovers, however it is consistently insightful to put one on your putter.

  • Clean the club head between play

It is smart to clean your golf clubs after each couple of rounds played. This progression eliminates all soil and garbage from inside the score of the club head’s face. The cleaning cycle is straightforward and requires just a delicate shuddered brush, warm water, cleanser, and a towel to get dry the clubs.

  • Always clean the grip

Prepared golf players realize that it is imperative to keep the grip clean by eliminating stains from sunscreen, sweat, soil, and coarse garbage that have gathered. This cycle will permit the grasp to last more. As a rule, the holds will turn out to be “part” of the golf club, yet grasps do should be supplanted eventually.

  • Always inspect the grips for mileage

While cleaning your grasps, set aside the effort to examine them for mileage. Search for smoothness or worn territories that will ultimately break. These are altogether cautioning signs to supplant the grasps since they are critical to playing a decent round of golf. Re-gripping should be possible all alone, however it very well may be ideal to have the genius shop at the course supplant them. Grip substitution is normally not over the top expensive, be that as it may, it relies upon the expense of the grasps bought.

  • Inspect the shaft periodically

It is critical to search for imprints, scratches, and parts on the shafts of your golf clubs during the cleaning cycle. In the event that you see one, supplant the shaft quickly, as it will influence your round’s score. Whenever dealt with, shafts can keep going quite a while. Be that as it may, hitting a stone on your backswing or slamming off the turf from a precarious point on a chip shot can harm them.


So that’s it, maintaining your golf iron is as easy as it sounds. Note: this maintenance steps can also be applied to other golf clubs like putters, drivers, and wedges.