Buying a smart TV somehow feels like buying a new smartphone. There’s always new features popping out and this makes it difficult to select. However, for beginners, there’re basics features one must check for before buying a smart TV. Below, we’ve highlighted and explained these point for you just incase you plan on getting a smart tv this year.

The Brand

To begin with, choose you need to purchase a branded or non-branded Smart TV. There are numerous brands accessible on the lookout, you can browse the couple of like Samsung, Sony, LG, MI and then some. Purchasing a Tv isn’t care for a customary versatile buy we accomplish for like clockwork. This would be a drawn out item and you ought to be insightful to pick your image prior to settling it. In the event that you are passing by a brand, it would help to re-deal following not many years on the off chance that you wish to. Likewise, you would have many help places if have any issue with your TV. Rest, the highlights in the brand and non-branded TVs would be same yet again you may see the distinction in quality.

The Size

There are numerous sizes accessible in the market from 32-36, 38-44 or more 50 inches. You should initially check which size of Tv would be the correct fit to your home. Presently a days, on the off chance that you purchase online without checking your home necessities you may confront issues with severe merchandise exchanges of numerous promoters on the web. Try not to purchase a LED television under 32 inches, you wouldn’t appreciate it.

Purchasing a shrewd TV is a smart choice, however you ought to be cautious about your wellbeing as well, it would influence your eyes by sitting very closer to the TV. In the event that you are seeing a 32 inches TV, better sit 4 meters in distance for a decent view. On the off chance that you are seeing a >32 and <46 inches TV, better sit 7 meters in distance for a decent view. In the event that you are seeing a >50 inches TV, better sit 9 meters in distance for a decent view.


4K is a major word in the smart TV industry. Any store you stroll in, you’ll locate a sensible measure of 4K marking. You’ll never return to watching a Full HD in the wake of encountering 4K, however the test is the accessibility of 4K substance for you to watch. 4K may be the future, yet for the present, you won’t miss out on much with a 1080p TV. Also, UHD or Ultra HD and 4K are very much the same. In a TV, you’ll either discover 720p (HD), 1080p (Full HD) or 4K (UHD) goals.


This is something essential you need to examine. In the event that you are intending to buy on the web, you can believe the client surveys of various entryways. However, on the off chance that you are wanting to purchase the TV in any store, request that the sales rep quiet off all the TVs they have and request to change the volume to just the one you are liking to purchase. Move some distance front or back and attempt to notice the sound system. In the event that you feel, it is discernible then you can put it all on the line with no inquiry.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is only no of times the image gets invigorated on a screen in a second. The standard refresh rate is 60HZ, which implies multiple times each second. This standard would likewise cause an issue on the off chance that you are watching a quick scene. In this way, the more refresh rate is all set.

Connectivity Features

Check for HDMI spaces, USB ports, Bluetooth, sound jacks. Be certain, you have all these base highlights. Anything over this is an additional preferred position.

Android OS or Custom OS

In the event that you purchase an android OS TV, you can get all the highlights of your android advanced cell. A custom OS detail would be on the brand, you probably won’t see all the highlights you find in an android TV.

APPS Supported

Check if all the local applications are supporting or not. For any smart TV naturally you would be seeing the applications like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar and then some.


Saving the best at the last – the cost. Shrewd TVs don’t come cheap. In any case, Xiaomi has carried some interruption to the market, so we expect some degree of value adjustment when more Mi TVs begin acquiring a traction in India. Samsung, LG, Sony savvy TVs are normally costly, however you can consider other confided in brands like Kodak and Xiaomi for less expensive other options.


So, that’s it. Although, there’re other advance features you can check for, however, with these few tips mentioned above, you’ll surly make a right choice if checked judiciously