The Dell Alienware 1900R is an awesome curved ultrawide IPS LCD monitor with a 3440×1440 resolution. It has exceptionally wide viewing points so the sides of the screen stay precise when seen from very close.

The Alienware has a quick reaction time and exceptionally low info slack that will satisfy most in-your-face gamers and it likewise upholds NVDIA’s G-SYNC execution of variable refresh rate so it can convey smooth movement without tearing. Shockingly, it can’t deliver profound, uniform blacks and it’s anything but appropriate for a dim room.


Curved monitors

Height Adjustment: 5.1″ (13.0 cm)
Switch Portrait/Landscape: No
Swivel Range:– 20° to 20°
Tilt Range: 25° to 2.5°

The Dell Alienware AW3418DW has fair ergonomics. You can change the height, turn left and right, and slant all over, yet there is no alternative to pivot.

In any case, the levels of the opportunity ought to be sufficient to permit you to situate it as indicated by your inclinations.

Total Inputs

DisplayPort: 1 (DP 1.2)
Mini DisplayPort: No
HDMI:1 (HDMI 1.4)
DisplayPort Out: No
USB: 4 (USB 3.0)
Analog Audio Out 3.5mm:2
Microphone In 3.5mm: No
Digital Optical Audio Out: No
Analog Audio Out RCA: No
Power Supply Internal

One 3.5mm sound out is for earphones and has flexible volume, while the other is a line out with fixed volume, which is valuable when utilizing outer speakers.